some explanation…

“It’s a history blog” was never that hot of a name, even for a blog.

So I decided to change it.

I went with Everybody Wins With Chauvinism because I was told that it perfectly captures my sense of sarcasm. Chauvinism is exaggerated or aggressive patriotism. But really it’s more than that. It’s a clichéd, unthinking loyalty to a given group or stereotype. For me, chauvinism would be laughable if it wasn’t so common and so pernicious.

My wife and I – Ashley – where talking about Lulu Lemon, the store that sells highly sexualized yoga clothing to women. She was wearing a jacket from there, which she grudgingly admitted to liking. I noticed that LuLu Lemon’s symbol had been added to the chest area of the jacket in a way that clearly marked out her breasts. The CEO of LuLu Lemon – not only makes sexy clothing for women – but has declared that he chose LuLu Lemon for the amusement of hearing Asian people trying to pronounce it. Further, he has made vacuous comments along the lines of if you don’t fit into LuLu Lemon’s clothing, you are simply to fat.

This prompted me to say sarcastically: “Well, everybody wins with chauvinism”.

It reflects a change in direction with my goals and hopes for this blog. I started “It’s a history blog” in order to flesh out the ideas that I was studying during my master’s program. Now that I have completed this degree, I want to focus writing book reviews along with penchant social commentary.

I want to grow this blog, and slowly make it more exciting for my followers.

I should stress – it should be obvious, but I want to be sure – that my title is purely sarcastic.


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