This is a blog about the academic discourse known as intellectual history.

Intellectual history is a ‘history of ideas’ as opposed to a ‘history of events.’ History of ideas implies the study of complete metaphysical systems, which is something that I will not be doing.

Intellectual history is more interested in the historical contexts of why European thinkers continue to come up with ‘metaphysical systems’ in the first place.

Intellectual history is a method; it seeks to contextualize texts and interrogate them, which leads to a recovery of lost debates, ideas, and intellectual climates.

It is a deliberately loose term, for a wide and variable field of inquiry. Intellectual history finds itself often nestled in with sociology, linguistics, literary theory, philosophy and cultural studies. Normal, ‘events’ history might tend more towards archaeology and anthropology, for example.

To truly understand a topic, one must be able to teach it succinctly. I want to explore  the many facets of intellectual history, and explain it in such a way that it relevant, clear, and interesting.


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